Universal Sustainability Principles

Vendela Wear promotes The United Nations Global Compact and contributes to implementation of universal sustainability principles which cover Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental and Anti-Corruption.

Human Rights and Labor Rights

Vendela Wear products are truly Made with Love with the high respect to the people and uncompromised support of Human Rights and Workers‘Rights.

Vendela Wear does not tolerate forced and compulsory labour, child labour, discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment and supports freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, safe and hygienic working conditions, adequate wages. All suppliers follow Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and are approved by a 3rd party independent company ethical audit performed according the SA8000 standard, BSCI or Sedex (SMETA).


All Vendela Wear products are Pure and Simple meeting EU legislation (according to Annexes XVII and XIV of the European Chemicals Regulation REACH and ECHA SVHC Candidate List) and also Norwegian requirements settled in various directives and regulations.

The products are tested for restricted substances to avoid adverse impacts on human health and environment, meets general product safety requirements. All products are occupied with necessary documentation (test reports, certificates where applicable, certificates of origin).

Vendela Wear products are not only soft and pleasant to the skin, but also made with great attention to animal welfare. Any animal-derived materials (wool, leather, down and feather) comes from farms with good animal husbandry.

Wool used in Vendela Wear products possess certificate of origin (comes from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia farms) and is from non-mulesed sheeps. All leather, down and feather are delivered in a humane way and are by-products of the food industry.


Corruption in any form is not acceptable by Vendela Wear, including bribery, extortion, kickbacks and improper private or professional benefit to customers, agents, contractors, suppliers or employees of any such party or government officials.