Return Policy

Delivery and returns

If one of my products are delayed, what happens to the other products?

You will not have to wait any longer than necessary. The products that are in stock will be sent right away, and the missing products will be sent when they are in stock. You will only pay for one delivery.

The package could not be delivered or picked up in time, what happens now?

PostNord/Bring will repeatedly try to contact you to deliver the package. We will cover all costs if the lack of delivery is due to us or the freight company. If the delivery is cancelled due to you not being home or not picking up the package in time you will have to cover any extra costs yourself.

Can I pick up my goods in your storage facility?

No, our storage facility does not have a pickup option, you will have to get the package delivered to you.

Will I get a new product if the product i received was damaged?

Yes, you will be able to receive a replacement product if the product you received was damaged. Please contact customer service at if this happens. You will be required to provide proof in the form of a picture of the product, and/or by returning the product to us. Make sure to take pictures of the product and the packaging right away, and make sure to keep both the product and the packaging until told otherwise.

How can I change name, number or address on the delivery?

Please contact, this might not be possible if the package already has been sent as our freight carriers do not allow a address change after the package is sent for security reasons.

How do I cancel the order?

Contact us and we will help you cancel the order. If the order already has been sent you will be charged for the return costs and any other freight-related costs.

What do I do if something is missing in the package?

Please contact us with detailed information about your order and what product(s) is missing and we will help you sort this out.

What do I do if I'm not home when the package is supposed to be delivered?

Contact PostNord or Bring (depending on which carrier you ordered with) for a rescheduling of the delivery. Any costs related to a rescheduled delivery will not be covered by

Do I get a refund for freight costs if I return a product?

We will cover return costs if the product is damaged, you will be charged for return costs if you decide that you do not want the product. You will be refunded the product price, but not any freight costs.