Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how collects and stores personal information. (Enklere Liv Retail AS) collects your personal information in a secure way.

Information Controller.

The CEO of Enklere Liv Retail AS is the person responsible for the companies treatment of personal information.

Purpose of Treatment.

We store the information to be able to perform our duties after agreement with you, the customer. And to be able to perform our duties when it comes to norwegian law, especially accounting laws and other relevant rules and regulations.

We also use the information to be able to provide you with information, offers and service related to your purchase via e-mail, phone, SMS and post.

We use purchase history and behavioral patterns on the website and email so we can provide you with recommendations and advertisement tailored to each user.

Advertising via email and SMS is only sent to the users that have explicitly asked for it. All information sent from us contains information about how to unsubscribe.

Information that is stored

To be able to provide a improved customer journey we store purchase history and behavior on our website. This data is anonymized and is only used so we can ensure that you as a customer gets the best possible recommendations from us.

We store the following personal information about our customers:

Name, address, phone number and email-address for customers that have made a purchase, made an account on or signed up for our newsletter. This information is necessary so we can send the order to the correct address, keep you updated about your order, and to be able to contact you if necessary.

Card information/payment information is not stored by, but by our payment providers: Klarna AB and Vipps AS.

We also store the IP-address used when ordering for security purposes.

Reason for storing the information

Information about name, address, phone, email-address and ip-address is being used to complete the purchase agreement. The reason for storing this information is the norwegian personvernforordningens article Art 6 (b).

The reason for email and sms-marketing is consent given explicitly by the user.

The reason for customer accounts is consent given explicitly by the user.

Where you have explicitly agreed to it the information will also be used to give you information, offers and service related to your purchase via e-mail, phone and SMS. The reason for this processing is the norwegian personvernforordningen Art 6 (a). You can always cancel your consent to stop any further information.

We and our partners track ads to see which ads you have seen, which products you have viewed so we can adapt your customer journey based on your interests and to ensure that we show you relevant ads.

Collecting personal information

Personal information is collected via when purchasing, registering a account or signing up for our newsletter via the relevant forms. Signing up for our newsletter requires explicit consent, and you can at any time cancel your subscription.


Alternative 1: We store the personal information you have provided on the website when making a purchase.

Alternative 2: We store the personal information you have given our employees when making a purchase (via phone or chat usually).

Alternative 3: We store the personal information you have provided when creating a account on

We use cookies on our website to be able to provide a working service and to be able to give you the best possible service. The electronic communications law requires that we inform our visitors about the use of cookies. Read more about cookies here.

Transfer of information to third parties.

We will never share, sell or transfer any personal information to third parties unless we are required by law to do so.

External providers that are necessary to maintain our website and services will in some cases have access to personal information due to it being necessary for them to perform their duties. In these cases the processing of personal information is regulated by a Data Processing Agreement which describes their duties and responsibilities for how to treat the personal information. All external service providers have the same responsibilities as Enklere Liv Retail AS.

Deleting personal information

Information we have received when purchasing is stored for 5 years.

Information we by law is required to store will be stored for 5 years, according to norwegian law.

Information you have provided when creating a user account at or by signing up to receive newsletters will be stored as long as you are a active user, or until you request the information to be deleted.

If you want to request the deletion of your information in our systems please contact which will help you with this process and delete all data that does not have to be stored due to norwegian law. (For example due to bookkeeping laws.)

Rights for the registered

We process your personal information according to the personopplysningsloven and the current regulations. You can at any time ask to see which information we have stored, and you can at any time request a correction or deletion of your information. All requests are sent via email to

You have the right to complain to the norwegian Datatilsynet if the processing is not according to the rules and regulations.


The company takes the new rules and regulations seriously and will at all times make sure we follow the law. If you have any questions please contact us on

Information security

We secure your personal information with both physical and virtual access control, and by encrypting sensitive information.

Contact information

Requests regarding personal information should be sent to the following address:


C/O Enklere Liv Retail AS
Snarøyveien 30, Bygg C
1360 Fornebu