Questions and terms

Can I return the product after opening the product/packaging?

We have a 30 day return policy for unused products. We accept that you try the products, but all labels and packaging has to be "as new" for you to be able to return the product. If the seal is broken there is no possibility of a return. You also need the receipt or proof of purchase to return the product.

If I had to wait for a long time for my product, when does the warranty time start?

The warranty time starts from the day you receive the product.

Will discounted products always be in stock?

We will sometimes run out of stock due to the popularity of the products. You will have to be quick to make sure you can get the products you want.

How do I cancel my newsletter-subscription?

You can do this directly in the newsletter. The newsletter has a  "Unsubscribe"-link, click this and follow the instructions to unsubscribe. If you encounter any issues please contact customer service at post@vendelawear.com for assistance.

Orders, price and payment

When do I receive the receipt or invoice?

When you place the order you will receive a order confirmation. The receipt or invoice itself (depending on which payment method you select) will be emailed to you when the goods are shipped from our warehouse. If you have selected Klarna as the payment method all invoices will be sent directly from Klarna to you.

Can I split my invoice?

Yes, via Klarna you can select to postpone your payments and/or split the payment into several smaller payments.

I can't find my receipt, can you help me?

Yes, we can help, please contact customer service and we will help you get a copy of your receipt.

Can I postpone the due date on my invoice?

Yes, if you have selected Klarna they have several options for you to postpone payment. Please see the order form and information sent to you from Klarna when you receive the invoice.

Can I pay with invoice as a company?

Yes, if you are a norwegian registered company you can select pay as a company in the order form. Do however note that Klarna runs a credit check on the company which might fail if the company has recently been registered.

If I pay with card, is the money taken from my account right away?

If you pay with card or with Vipps the amount will be reserved on your account as soon as the order is made. The money will not be withdrawn from your account until the order is shipped, but you cannot use the reserved funds in the meantime.

How can I see the cost of shipping?

You can see the cost of shipping in the checkout. For orders over 999NOK the shipping will be free (pickup in pickup point only).

Can I preorder a product?

No, at the moment we do not allow preorders.

Are products always in stock?

If a product is available for purchase it should be in stock. There is however always the small possibility of a error. If that should happen you will be offered a refund or a replacement product.

Can I add a product ot a existing order?

No, unfortunately not. If a order has been made it cannot be modified, you will have to make a new order to add more products.

Delivery and returns

If one of my products are delayed, what happens to the rest?

You won't have to wait for longer than what's necessary. We will send the available products right away, and send you the rest when they are available. You will not be invoiced for any extra shipping.

The delivery could not be made, what happens now?

PostNord and Bring will repeatedly try to contact you for delivery if you have ordered delivery at home. We will cover any costs if the lack of delivery is due to PostNord/Bring. If the delay is due to you not being home/available you will have to contact Postnord/Bring and you may be invoiced for any extra costs.

Can I pick up my order in your warehouse?

No, we do not offer this service.

Will I receive a new product if the one i received is damaged?

Yes, please contact post@vendelawear.com.